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My love for photography began around 2001, when I received my first point-and-shoot digital camera. My budding passion really started to blossom when I worked at a breeding stable. A big part of my job was to take conformation and sales photos of the foals, studs, and mares on the farm. In 2022, I decided to take the leap and share my passion with others by pursuing photography as a profession.

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to build a relationship with my clients and their four-legged best friends. I love the excitement of bringing my client’s vision to life and capturing the bond between human and animal in photos that you will have for a lifetime. The best photography sessions are truly a collaboration between myself, my client, and their horse or dog.

While I spend my work days managing technology projects, I bring my love of all things tech to my passion for photography. Working with my clients to create beautiful works of art to be able to forever capture your love for each of your animals brings so much joy into my own life. 

About Me

In the heart of my story is a remarkable dog named Kolbie, who holds a special place in my life. In December 2023, Kolbie left us due to idiopathic cardiovascular disease, leaving a big hole in my heart.

In March 2010 I took on the role of being his foster mom. Despite his abusive past, marked by fear, defensiveness, and aggression, especially towards men, he found his safe haven with me. Overcoming those hurdles, we built a deep bond, and it became evident to everyone that I was "his one & only human" and I am blessed to have experienced such a strong feeling.

My only regret is not capturing our early moments together through professional photography. Although you will find Kolbie's photos sprinkled throughout my website, I made the unfortunate mistake of not including myself beside him.
It's a regret I carry, a lesson learned the hard way.

This experience inspired my mission. I am determined to spare others from this regret. I understand the profound connection we share with our beloved animals, whether they are dogs or horses. My goal is to help you permanently capture the essence of that bond through my lens. Together, we can immortalize the love and companionship that make these moments so precious.

I love you, Kolbie.
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